Home Restoration

At Alex Home Restoration LLC in the Orlando, FL area, we're dedicated to the art of restoring and preserving your beloved home. Our home restoration services extend well beyond just repair and maintenance. We have a profound appreciation for the unique character and history of each property. With the skill of true craftsmen, we breathe new life into old structures, ensuring that the original charm is beautifully maintained while enhancing its functionality. We specialize in every aspect of home restoration, from meticulous ceramic tile replacement to delicate broken chip repair. No matter what type or style of home you need restored, our experienced remodeling experts honor the integrity of your home. Contact us today for detailed restoration services that will treat your home with care.

Home restoration
The interior of a modern kitchen with white cabinetry, white countertops, and stainless steel appliances.

Kitchen Renovation

Transform your kitchen into a culinary masterpiece with Alex Home Restoration LLC’s kitchen renovation services. Our seasoned team specializes in creating modern, stylish kitchens that perfectly suit your tastes. With our expertise, we take care of every aspect of your kitchen makeover. From backsplash installation to ceramic tile repair, we will craft a kitchen that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Elevate your cooking space with innovative designs, quality materials, and expert craftsmanship. Contact us today for residential home renovation services in the Orlando, FL area and get started on bringing your dream kitchen to life.

Bathroom Renovations

Rejuvenate your bathroom with professional bathroom renovations from Alex Home Restoration LLC. We’re here to help create your personal sanctuary. Experience the luxury and comfort you deserve by entrusting your project to our skilled experts. Our team offers comprehensive remodeling solutions, from flooring installation to tile design, ensuring every detail is perfect. Whether it's a minor touch-up or a complete overhaul, we bring artistic excellence to every project. We take pride in providing broken chip repair, creating spa-like atmospheres, and adding beautiful, functional elements that turn your bathroom into an inviting haven. When you’re looking to upgrade your bathroom, contact us for exceptional residential home renovation services in the Orlando, FL area today.

bathroom remodel